Saturday, June 27, 2009

Payment Processing Service Provider

I and two of my friends have started a trading business recently. What we do is basically to provide the products that a customer needs. Products include bags, caps, mugs, flasks, pens, cups, uniforms, shirts, jackets, school supplies, construction materials, jewelry pouches, raincoats, planners, etc! We create a need for our clients. We are currently working on our website where we can showcase our products and services. Since business are done over the internet facility, we are planning to have a shopping cart on our website. The facility will allow transactions to be done on line. In line with this, we will be needing a payment processing system since customers are more likely to use their credit cards when doing purchases from a website.

I saw Five Star Payments that offers credit card processing services that will answer business owner’s need of different types of businesses.  They can help setup any of the following: Retail Credit Card Processing Account, Internet Credit Card Processing Account, Offshore Credit Card Processing Account, or a High Risk Credit Card Processing Account. What’s better is that their interchange fees are lower than other card processing providers. This is good value for our hard earned penny.  The company is proud of its high level customer service and professional staff who will handle its customer’s need. We may get this service as soon as we see it is fit to have said facility on our website.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


I  am not a "flower-person". It's not like I hate flowers. I appreciate them but not really go gaga over them like most women do.  Their hearts melt at the sight of it. They go ecstatic when they get one. Chocolates do that to me! (LOL!) Oh well, things could change. Right? I was ecstatic to receive a flower from somebody special just recently. Yes. A flower. Just one stem of fresh red rose! Wow! I went home thinking what changed my perspective. I used to get bunches, bouquets of flower from my suitors and admirers before. But never felt this way. Midlife crisis? (LOL!)I don't think so. I'm too young and I'm confident of my place of being now. So no! Is it because I love the one who gave it?  Hmm! And so I realized it's not about the flower anymore, its about my choice.  Liking it was a choice. A decision. Whatever reasons brought about that change, bottom line is, it s the choice we make that matters. Our life is shaped by  the choices we make indeed. Good or bad. It doesn't matter. This is life. And it is full of trials, tests, heartaches, pain, hurt, disappointments, heartbreaks, you name it! As humans, we are inclined to making bad choice at times. It could break us one way or another. But again, if it happens, there's always that choice.  Either to get up right away, or stay in that place and not move forward. Its how fast we get up from a fall that makes the difference! 
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