Saturday, July 12, 2008

Pre Birthday Peek

It’s a great Saturday morning. The weather is not too hot! Just enough warmth to start the day right! It’s a rest day for me and Gabby and I am  excited to go to church this evening! 

I am composing this while Gabby is right beside me on the bed still in her deep and calm sleep!  She’s been so excited and looking forward to her 5th birthday on July 16. How time flies … she’s already 5!!! Her Auntie Llana is going to bake a cake for her on her birthday. I am not planning a big celebration though. I just want it to be a small and intimate family thing-y (LOL! Got that from Gabby). Her Dad promised to give her that trolley bag for school. How about Lola? Lola said she has a big surprise for her!!! Well, we’ll find out soon!

More than all these, I am thankful to God for His protection over Gabby and for loving her. He is my Partner in raising her up to be a wonderful child of God. He’s been our Provider and our Help. Thank You Father!!! 

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