Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Welcome 2011 with a Bang!

I bet most people wanted to start the year with a Bang! I did! Oh yes! Who wouldn't??? Right! January 8, my daughter got infected with varicella virus. Yes, in other words, chicken pox.  The timing was just perfect! Don't you think? For me, it was a  start of the 7 to 14 days of isolation (that means no school) and battle with itch, fever and a possible pneumonia (as one of the complications). I said isolation because chicken pox is contagious, it is airborne so it spreads easily through coughing or sneezing of the person carrying the virus or through direct contact with the saliva or secretions from the bump. After this, is to find ways on how to get rid of the scars that this disease would leave on the skin.  And this could not be happening a week before her third quarter exam! 

I was feeling bad. But I got a hold of myself and begun to change my perspective. Instead of thinking about the negative things, I focused on the positive things. I'm glad I did. It made all the difference. On the 3rd day, I uttered these words to myself:

1. "It is better for Gabby to have it while she is younger (7y/o), than when she is older. The virus is mild in children 9 years old and below, with or without a chickenpox vaccine."
2. "This means lesser complications, itch and scars."
3. "She will not likely to catch the virus again in the future. It's like an immunization by itself."
4. "I will get to spend time with her and be creative as I come up with different activities both of us can do during her (our) isolation."
5. "It is an opportune time to read and find out more about the varicella virus. Added knowledge is power!"
6. "I will get to share my experience with other mothers who will go through the same thing."
7. "We can make bath time fun time! Oatmeal Bath (recommended by Dr Yatco) helps dry up the rash, relieves itchiness and minimizes marks. Oatmeal also smoothens the skin. Also less expensive than any ointment you can buy in drugstores. "

Now on the 10th battle day. And it has been worth it! More importantly, I realized I grew in the area of learning how to patiently wait, knowing I expand in the waiting and that only good is going to come out of this. 

What a way to start the new year indeed! Thank You Jesus!

P.S. I read that chickenpox is not related in any way to chickens. The term was used to connote "weak" or "cowardly" , as a "wimpier" version of smallpox which is a very serious illness not related to chickenpox and caused by a different virus called variola virus.
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