Saturday, September 27, 2008

Dental Day - Just For Sharing

I just thought  of posting this entry here to share with my Blogspot friends…


Yesterday was “dental day” for Gabby and myself. We visited our dentists, mine an ortho, hers a pedia dentist. My dentist happens to be the brother of Gabby’s. We went to their chic clinic in Alabang where we had our bi annual Oral Prophylaxis. Their clinics were adjacent to each other so it was convenient for us to have the treatments done on the same day. The other clinic has just been constructed and it was Gabby’s first time to see it. There is a small play area in one

corner of the reception area. The toys, slide and mats looked new as well. Kids will enjoy spending time there. Mickey Mouse is the overall theme of the clinic. The walls are painted with Mickey Mouse character, he is also on cups, goggles, scrub suits, down to paper clips and ballpen. Gabby didn’t get bored during the whole 30 minute procedure as her eyes roll about around the room, enjoying the scenery.  Pedia Dentist is relatively a new evolution dental practices in the country. Most of us didn’t have this back in our time then. And I am glad we have them now to take good care of our kids dental needs. 

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