Monday, March 23, 2009

"Heaven Scent"

Women, in general, love perfume or cologne. It has become a part of the whole fashion ensemble, has it not? Like fashion, perfumes were made to complement the seasons and the weather.  Strong scented perfumes would work well in very cold countries. Light scented ones in hot or humid countries.

It is now summer season here in the Philippines. I abhor this very hot, scorching and humid weather! It makes me sweat, sweat and sweat some more! One of my favorite cologne is “Light Blue” by D&G. It has that very light, fresh, and seemingly “just-gone-out-of-the-shower" Scent.  However, I fell in love with the newest scent made by Salvatore Ferragamo -- Incanto Heaven perfume for women. This fragrance for women contains a blend of grapefruit, seringa flower, apple, pink peony, apricot, hibiscus flower tea, violet and musk. And I really recommend this women's fragrance for daytime and/or for hot weather wear.

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