Thursday, March 5, 2009

Toy Hunt Meme

I am excited to post my first entry for this meme. I had fun!  I noticed that a common toy that our child has is a mini laptop.

I actually planned to talk about the same toy laptop initially. I posted it here anyway so you'll have a clear picture, literally :=) of what I am talking about. But I saw this little toy piano that Gabby liked so much. It was given to her by my Mom in Summer of 2008. I saw it has numbers too, so I decided to put it as my entry. The numbers correspond to musical notes, serving as a guide for her to follow and make music, sing her heart out. Sometimes I couldn't make out her tune, but that's ok! I just can't seem to find her piano booklet! Where'd that booklet go???) Anyway,  since the numbers are hard to distinguish from this full view, I zoomed in so the numbers can be clearly seen. Hehe, I don't want my  first entry rejected by default (not following instructions, LOL!) Join our Toy Hunt and have fun!
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