Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Blink Blink?

Did you know that blinking our eyes automatically supplies moisture to our eyes and protect our eyes from foreign matter that could cause irritation? To oil, lube and filter. Moreover, our built-in "wind-shield wipers", our eyelids are designed and are capable of expanding and contracting so rapidly, that blinking does not impair our vision. The rims of our eyelids are lined with 20-30 sebaceous, invisible oil-producing glands located between our eyelashes. Blinking coats both the eyelid and eyelashes with the lubricant it secretes, to prevent them from drying out.

Another benefit of blinking is to shield the eye from foreign bodies. Our eyelashes serve as dust-catchers, as the blinking reflex causes them automatically to lower, when exposed to harsh elements. Apparently, camels are endowed with extraordinary long, curly, eyelashes to protect their eyes from sudden sandstorms in the desert.

Eyebrows, by the way, also serve their purpose, as they catch the run-off perspiration produces. So, girls out there, don't shave or pluck your eyebrows too much! Let it serve its purpose!
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