Sunday, February 24, 2008

My Manual For Life

I love to read books or magazines about personality development, character enhancement, financial principles, ethics, moral standard, home improvement, health and wellness, grooming, fashion or just about anything that I "think" will make me a better person and will broaden my knowledge. And yes it somehow influence my choices, opinions and decisions in life.  Some worked for me, sadly, most did not. Or as simple as getting yourself a new printer, used the manual that comes with it to install it on your computer, but still it won't work.  I would always get lost taking the wrong path whenever I hit a crossroad. Then I often ask myself, why? Knowing that I followed one by one, step by step, what was written in a certain book. Until I got an amazing book, the best book I could ever have.  The "Amplified Topical Index Bible". The Word is God-breathed. Therefore I am assured that it only speaks the TRUTH. There is a vast number available for you. Get one and it will change your life. 
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