Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Sickly Morning

I woke up earlier than usual to prepare for school in spite of lack of sleep the previous night. I am a part time Preschool Teacher at a Christian school in BF Homes Paranaque. Gabby, my daughter, goes to that school as well. She has had asthma attacks for two days now and last night's attack was a bad one. She was coughing hard every now and then therefore I was up every now and then to check on her. At 5:30am, I was already praying, then I had my usual cup of coffee. I went back in the room to check on her and found out she got a temperature. I decided to stay home so I could attend to her. I advised school about her condition, then I consulted her doctor. He adviced that we should already get an x-ray since her condition has been off and on for two consecutive months already.  So we'll be off to get one after lunch. We are ruling out possible Pneumonia.

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