Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Looking Better Now

Off to the doctor this day to get the xray result and for consultation.  Gabby has pneumonia with asthmatic component. The doctor suspected, as he looked at the xray plate, that it was actually the tail-end of a pneumonia which she probably had 4 weeks ago during the last asthma attack. Nevertheless, we were happy that she gained one kilo from that last episode, which is good news. I found out that there is no maintenance for pneumonia as there is for athma, so we are just going to continue to nebulize and start administering antibiotics for three days to get rid of those bacteria.

This was taken as we arrived home from the doctor's clinic. Didn't look sick here, yeah? I believe she will get better with God's grace. I will continue praying and laying hands on her until that sickness leaves her. 
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