Monday, October 18, 2010

Garage Sale

Talk about being resourceful, now that the season of gift giving, sharing, 13th month pay, bonus is just around the corner, people looking for stuff either for themselves or for someone else with limited budget, it is smart to go through your old/used/unused/slightly used/almost new/pre-owned stuff (whatever you want to call it) for garage sale, yard sale or Ukay-Ukay (as we call it here in the Philippines). Ukay-ukay comes from the root word "halukay" which means to rummage through things. Which I think is fun and exciting as if you are looking for a steal find or a  treasure-hunt. And if you are really good at it and have an eye for good stuff and looking for bargains? This is the thing for you. 

I went through my and my daughter's old stuff last week and have started a 7-day garage sale with my sister and Aunt.  Everything from vintage clothes, bags, shoes, kitchen wares, appliances, knick-knacks, utensils, toys, etc... Toys and clothes have always been the top sellers, ceramics and dinner sets, second.  Our earnings is quite good considering we didn't have to pay for rent nor had out of pocket capital. As for my earnings, my daughter and I agreed to give 30% to our friend who needs financial help to buy medicines for his treatment. This makes it more meaningful and exciting. Today is the last day supposedly, but it looks like we are going to extend it for another week. There are more stuff to sell anyway. Bigger earnings means bigger help for our friend! 

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