Saturday, March 1, 2008



I grew up without any pets at home, not just because I was asthmatic, but also because my mom is not fond of animals. Though my aunts and uncles used to have dogs around, I never really developed a sense of fondness of them. I am surprised that Gabby is sooo much into having animals around the house. She likes dogs, cats, birds, rabbits, fish just to name a few. We got a poodle, but then again since she is asthmatic (yeah, talk about generational ties) I had to let him stay by the veranda at the back of our house. Since I joined church, I learned that human's compassion on animals resounds the kind of person he or she is. It has a lot to say about respect to God's creation, that including animals.  How one person treats an animal will be the level of compassion and respect that person will render to people. I want Gabby to learn and have that sense of responsibility and respect towards other people, regardless of their status, level or position in life. For the time being, while we are still dealing with asthma ( i know she will outgrow it as I did) and have no choice but to keep "furred-pets" from staying in the house, I decided to get her a gourapa, a small fish that doesn't require oxygen to survive in an aquarium. Gabby's responsibility is to keep 'em alive as long as possible, lol! She feeds them every morning and checks from time to time if the water needs to be replaced and the aquarium cleaned.

             Barbie Dora               

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