Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Bow Of Promise

God never ceases to amaze me! As I’ve written in my previous post, we (Gabby and I) spent our Sunday afternoon at High Street with my friends. Irene and I have been good friends. It started when we got a chance to work together in a multinational company way back in 2000. We were “partners in crime” as they put it. Closing deals left and right. We  met every quota given to us and have received commendations left and right. And of course, we were well compensated with incentives and commissions.

We went back to those days and realized how crazy we were buying all those branded and luxurious jewelries, clothes, bags, etc. I retired in 2004 when I had Gabby, while she still works there and now has her own family.  But today is different, we have come to the realization that nothing we desired on earth compares to Jesus. As we were sharing how our lives are touched by God, Gabby blurted out happily “Wow. A rainbow Mom. Where’s the pot of gold?” as she pointed to the sky showing us the beautiful rainbow that seemed to be just above our heads.  I answered, “There it is Gabby, that itself is the treasure from God!

I said this because as I gazed at it, I remembered the covenant made by God with Noah after the land was entirely dry from the flood which lasted for over a year in the book of Genesis.  Noah built an altar and took of every clean animal as burnt offerings to the Lord.  The Lord smelled a scent of satisfaction to His heart then He established a covenant with Noah and with every living creature, for all future generations (that includes our generation!)- that the waters will no more become a flood to destroy the earth. He then set a rainbow in the cloud as a token  or sign of this solemn covenant. And God said that whenever it appears in the clouds, He will remember this solemn pledge to mankind.  And that’s the love of God for us. Our real treasure!

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