Sunday, June 8, 2008

Blog Your Way To Success With Zookoda

Zookoda is the newest, hippest and complete email marketing application brought to you by the same people behind PayPerPost and SocialSpark. Now, Zookoda is an addition to your empowerment towards value and exchange content, creativity and influence. Intelligently strategized for bloggers, it enables you to drive more traffic to your site with your own email newsletter. Because you can send a daily, weekly or monthly summary of the newest and up-to-the-minute posts straight into your visitor’s inbox with a wide selection of professional template or your own customized version. Satisfied with your own version? Then you can schedule recurring broadcasts including a feed to your visitors when your new posts are already live! This way, you are keeping your audience informed and in the loop.

You can also build your visitor base by creating dynamic blog subscription forms. No worries, Zookoda will take care of accepting, verfying, and managing subscriptions! All you have to do is create a mailing list within Zookoda, add a subscription form and presto! You’re done.  What’s more?  You can’t just be left out without knowing how many clicks or emails went through. Having every blogger’s need in mind, Zookoda also has the functionality to ensure that you are well informed through real-time reports about email success and visitor viewing behavior pattern. It is designed to track email deliveries, providing you with open, bounce and click through information.

And all this functionality is 100% FREE!!!  So register now and be empowered to make your presence known in the blogging world. Take full control of your success through Zookoda!

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