Sunday, June 1, 2008

New Job For Me

Tomorrow is the start of my new job as a Manager of Lifeline Parental Assistance Programme or LPAP, a 24-Hour Daycare Centre in Paranaque. LPAP aims to help hardworking parents have peace of mind while they are out there working for their family. The Centre provides the following qualified and caring staff: English Speaking Nannies, In House Nurse, round the clock Security Guard and Teachers. It also endeavors to revolutionalize and uplift the status of Nannies in the Philippines. The Nannies in the Centre are highly trained to provide first aid and professional childcare. Unlike regular daycare centers, LPAP has physical and mental enrichment programs and activities to ensure continuous education of the children. It is equipped with age appropriate educational toys and books. The child-friendly facilities of the Centre consist of the Reception Area, Main and small play area, Preschool, Library, Sleeping Room, Kitchen, Toilet and Bath, Garden and spacious Lawn for physical activities, among others. Shuttle services are also provided for parents/kids from Alabang (where call centers are located and where most parents work) to LPAP everyday, round trip.

As a Manager, my duty is basically to oversee the whole operation, making sure that the children are safe and are receiving proper care from the Nannies and that the Nannies are performing their jobs well. It also involves training the staff, marketing and budgeting. By the way, the centre is just a 4-minute drive from my house (it takes 5 minutes if traffic is bad. LOL!). My shift is from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday. I am sure to bring Gabby with me during my shift, this way I get to work and have a fix income without being away from her. Then I can still blog on the side (for that needed) extra income. Perfect! 

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