Sunday, June 15, 2008

Do It The Dirt Devil Way

Have you noticed how tremendously hot our climate has become today ? Call it Global Warming? Right. We and our children will be in great danger unless we take part in preventing possible destruction of our earth. Though small, tiny steps can make a difference, I believe that in the face of the situation that we are in today,  bigger and bolder steps are indeed needed to make bigger and bolder impact to curb global warming. So, I suggest we start from our own houses. Since one of the solutions is to cut carbon emissions 2% each year, I encourage everyone to choose energy-saving and efficient appliances or equipment i.e. compact fluorescent light bulb, new technology heating ducts, or energy efficient vacuum cleaners. Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners use AccuCharge Technology. A high-efficiency charging system that saves you time and money while keeping your house clean and the environment pollution free and green! Nothing beats 70% reduction in energy consumption, only cordless Dirt Devil vacuum cleaners do that. The first cordless vacuum products that is Energy Star approved. They have wonderful products that suit your every need, Stick Vac, Hand Vac, bagless, for cars, for allergies, cordless, for pets and a lot more. Cleaning will never be the same again. No more tangling long wires, plugging and unplugging. No more worries of high electric consumption. Go ahead. Do it the Dirt Devil way!  


Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge
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