Friday, May 2, 2008

First Swimming Lessons

Finally, I have already enrolled Gabby to her first ever swimming class! I’ve been planning to do this but for some reasons it has been pushed back until today!

A friend of mine encouraged me to take Gabby to this swimming school where her three kids are presently taking up swimming classes as well. It is owned and managed by a popular Filipino-Family Olympic Champions and the only TESDA licensed swimming school in the Philippines (so they claim, huh!). The pool is “kid friendly” I should say, because it is only from 3 feet to 5 feet and partly covered, which I preferred. At least there is a shade to protect Gabby from the sun’s direct heat which could be harmful to her skin. They have around 12 instructors everyday to provide the students with one-on-one lessons.

Gabby was a bit scared at first but she easily got back her composure and was already comfortable in the water after the first 15 minute of the lesson.  She learned how to wear her goggles, do bubbles and trashing movement with her legs.  

We are into another milestone in her life!  Thank you Father!

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