Thursday, May 1, 2008

My To Do List Tag

I got this MY TO DO LIST from Race. I like this. I think that it is important and efficient to always have a list of to-do’s handy because it keeps you focus! Here it is:

1.Go out there everyday! Touch other people’s lives.

2.Follow up activation of my debit card on Monday

3.Go to Gabby’s pedia for our Flu Vaccine on Monday

4.Update Lifeline Board on Tuesday

5.Check out Kumon Fees on Tuesday

6.Go to Divisoria to look for items for a client on Wednesday

7.Go to SEC to file our company name on Thursday

 I know you have your To Do List too, so I wanted to know them. I think this is fun so I am starting this tag. Have fun !!!. Let me know if you are done already, ok.? 

my  list could go on and on so I am stopping now and tagging Chino, Alf, Janet, and Tanya

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