Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Praying Is Basic

I read a post by my good friend Race about the problems she is currently encountering with the application to Paypal of her EON Unionbank Card. She’s been getting the message “ This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued the credit card.”  I would like to share this rather funny yet meaningful experience with you Race and all my readers.

I exactly had the same problem with my own EON Card. I reported it thrice to the issuing bank, I sent emails to PayPal, I tried re enrolling the card again and again. Then I finally said “STOP!” I noticed it was just going round in circles but the problem was not being resolved. I had to sitdown CALMLY in front of my laptop, went to Unionbank Website, and read CAREFULLY and PATIENTLY the instruction on how to enroll the account in PayPal. I found out that there should be atleast Php200.00 balance in my EON card (to prove account history) in order to get approval from PayPal. So without wasting more time, I went to Unionbank and deposited the required amount. I went back home and opened the PayPal website to enroll. I got the the confirmation right away!

Lesson Learned: READ! Really, that’s the bottom line. I was so eager and excited  to start making money, I tend to short cut or bypass some steps and processes hoping to expedite it. Haha. In life, we are faced with a lot of these, and oftentimes we get too emotional that’s why we don’t get to think clearly and objectively. We sometimes forget to do the basics. In the case above, to read  guidelines and instructions was the basic thing to do. But really, in life, PRAYING is the basic thing to do to get that clarity of mind and proper discernment. 

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