Thursday, May 8, 2008

Under The Spreading Cherry Blossoms Tree

My sister sent me this picture of her with her sons last month under the beautiful Cherry Blossoms Tree or Sakura in the Japanese language. It also originated from other east Asian states like Taiwan, China, Korea and Taiwan. In Japan, a practice of flower viewing or hanami has been a heritage where imperial households, singers and other aristocrats would gather and celebrate under the blossoms. Moreover, Hanami Festivals celebrate the beauty of the sakura and a chance for many to calm down and enjoy the beautiful and colorful view. The blossoming begins in January in Okinawa and reaches Tokyo at the end of March or the beginning of April. What’s amazing is that this tree only blooms once a year and only lasts within a week! Wow. That explains why people there are so excited to see them bloom!

My sister also said that most Japanese schools and public buildings have sakura trees outside since the school year begins in April. And that these flowers are seen on almost all consumer goods in Japan, also on paper, dinner ware, kimono and dolls.


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