Thursday, May 22, 2008

Swimming Lessons Day 7

So glad the sun is finally out after over a week of rain, drizzles, and cool weather. Gabby is back to polish her swimming skills and learn new things. Coach Rudy, her favorite coach, was there to teach her so she was also enthusiastic today. I understand that kids, specially toddlers, learn faster when they feel safe and comfortable with their instructors or teachers. She got scared in class one time when one instructor, probably not having a “way with kids”, handled her. He seemed strict and firm, friendly but not charming to kids, I should say. Though some of the students there who are older enjoy his company and have a positive opinion about his style. I guess there isn’t a single general approach to it, not a “one-style-fits-all” prospective in this case. There are age appropriate “syles or methods” to be applied.  For now, we will be sticking with coach Rudy though I never discouraged Gabby from taking up lessons under the “stricter” coach because I want her to be able to cope  with the fear and discomfort that she felt that time, teaching her not to run away from it but to face it with courage and objectivity. 

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