Saturday, May 17, 2008

I Signed Up For PPP

I have another thrilling news to all of you! This site has just been approved by PPP today! It got me so excited and more inspired to write more entries (the same excitement I felt when I first got hired for a job, LOL). Now I can earn out of something that I have been wanting to do…which is obviously writing. It will definitely help me with my expenses being a single parent and a WAHM. With the inflation rates today it sure is better to have extra income.  Although to write or author a book or a newspaper/ magazine never became my goal, I find use and value in expressing my thoughts through written words.  So just to be able to have a space where I can write just about anything and everything in the hope to share values and life experiences is enough for me.   

Racel, my fellow blogger is sure to get excited too when she reads this. She was the one who introduced me to blogging and is mentoring me through it. I heard about her good experiences with PayPerPost and how trouble-free it is to submit an application there so I took her word for it. It also helped reading some posts about PPP by other bloggers hence, this. Now that I have a first hand experience with it, I agree with them. You just need to submit your blog which is 30 days old with 30 posts. Once approved, you can already start taking opportunities or Opps as we call it in blogging, then you are set to go!  

I am currently encouraging my friends and relatives especially WAHMs, who also have a knack for writing to start building up their own site and eventually monetizing it. Special mention to Liza for assisting me to set up my debit card account for this purpose.

Thank you PayPerPost for the wonderful opportunity.

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