Monday, May 19, 2008

I Am Pear

I got an email from a friend that came with a captioned subject “Peach”.  I didn’t bother to read it because I was busy blogging. A few minutes passed by I received another email alert from another friend having a captioned subject “Banana”! Hmmm. What’s with all these fruits??? I got nosy and finally decided to open it. And I had fun with it so allow me to share it with you. 

Apparently, it was an email where you will have to pick out only one of your favorite fruits from the given list.  Every fruit has a corresponding personality trait at the bottom of the message. There was an instruction to choose first before scrolling further down so you don’t get to choose which fruit should match your personality ( no cheating of course!) So I chose Pear, then I scrolled down and got this:

PEAR - If you put your mind to something you can do it successfully,
 by and large you tend to be fickle and have trouble completing a task
with the enthusiasm you started it with.
 You need to know the results of your efforts almost immediately. You enjoy mental stimulation and love to get into a good discussion! You
 tend to be a restless and high-strung person, and are easily
excited. Being happy doesn't mean everything's perfect! It means you've decided
 to see beyond the imperfections!

I was surprised after reading this because this is really ME. Most of the time I am so enthusiastic with a new project but also have the tendency to wane down after a while on it. This is because I easily get impatient and want to do something new again. Specially the last part, being happy doesn’t mean everything’s got to be perfect because I am settled knowing there no such thing as perfect in this world, only God is!  

I am copying the list here.  Why don’t you choose one, let me know your favorite and I’ll provide you with its corresponding personality trait!

  1. Orange
  2. Apple
  3. Banana
  4. Coconut
  5. Pineapple
  6. Papaya
  7. Mango
  8. Cherry
  9. Black Grapes
  10. Peach
  11. Custard Apple
  12. Pear

Be sure to swing right back for your answer which I will post here. I'll make sure to include your link on it! 

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