Wednesday, May 28, 2008

SocialSpark Your Blog

I rushed home today from a seminar because I couldn’t wait to get to my laptop after almost four “no opps, no tasks” days. I am so glad to receive an email notification from SocialSpark today breaking the good news that my blogs have been approved and that I could go to my account right away and browse available opportunities for me!

Unlike other advertising media, SocialSpark is a Social Marketing Network, taking advertising media a nudge higher as it is not just a place where advertisers and bloggers are connected to create business opportunities through an online marketplace. But it also provides a community for interaction and communication between advertisers and bloggers. Here you can find newest blog posts, favorite opps taken, most propped blogs and opportunities, featured blog and activities etc.,which are also made viewable to the public. This design maintains honesty and openness about the occurrence of transactions between an advertiser and a blogger as SocialSpark upholds Truth in advertising. Advertisers are able to target blogs where their products or services are suitable to be posted, and tender cash sponsorships to the bloggers who consequently make money by publishing them either by posting display advertisements on their blog or writing sponsored content, depending on the specific requirement of an advertiser.

Now, if you are anxious about your blog not passing the usual qualifications for approval, or to be blunt about it, rejected because it does not bear any Google PageRank but a frustrating “0” (zero, zip, nil, zilch!! Oh, I know how you feel!), you are in a total muddle! Because this clamor has been addressed in SocialSpark’s marketplace and is specified in their code of ethics:

-        100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure

-        100% Transparency

-        100% Real Opinions

-        100% Search  Engine Friendly (SocialSpark came up with its very own RealRank to protect bloggers and advertisers from search engine or SEO penalties based on sponsored linking. So you don’t have to worry taking on opportunities in the SocialSpark marketplace carrying a “no follow” link attribute.)

You see, this is a great opportunity given by SocialSpark to bloggers like us, to build community, drive traffic and most importantly monetize our blog. So click on the link and start making money with your blog now! 

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