Monday, May 19, 2008

Divine Potter

I have seen a correlation between my recent post entitled “Potter Wasp”  and this post.  It shows once again how amazing God is. How His wisdom and understanding created the world and everything  in it.  How mind boggling how an adult  wasp  knows how to take care of its egg, how she prepares the nest with sustenance in it, to serve as  the breeding vessel for her egg to grow and fully develop into an adult. Wow! Then I remember a preaching during one of our meetings in church on discipline.  God, our divine potter, is looking after our life. He puts us under rigid training and formation of character and personality a.ka. discipline. As He is the potter, I am the lump of clay that He puts into the wheel. He puts an adequate amount of water, smashes, flatten, pinches, turns me inside out and upside down. Adding more water as needed to achieve that perfect texture and consistency required to mold me into a pot.  I am bent into shapes, twisted sometimes pained or dismantled in the process. When He sees that He has already molded me into the correct shape and form, He then puts me in the oven, and strengthen me with fire.  Finally, I have become whole and now ready to be put to use.  Would you have resisted the moldings, the turns, the pinches and the smashes? Or Would you have jumped out of His wheel when you started to feel the hurt and the pains of the bents during the process? Knowing that He is an Almighty and Loving Father to His children, I will trust His ways and I will submit myself under His discipline because I want to be used by Him, as an instrument to carry out His plan. Thank you Father. 

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