Thursday, May 8, 2008

Mummy Meme

“A Mother to her children, loves them, comforts and care for them, protects them, educates them, watches over them. Like God, she cannot forget her nursing child and not have compassion on the son/daughter in her womb.” – Geng and The Amplified Bible

It is indeed great to be a mother. Motherhood is such a great blessing. In a child's eye, the mother is the most beautiful woman in his life, for it is from her that he was loved and cherished unconditionally.

Share your favorite Mother's Day quotes and place your blog/name right after the piece of artwork.

1.     Irresistible Fascinations / Naomi

2.     Manna from Heaven / Lena

3.  And Life Goes On / Lena

4.  Sheng's Simple Thoughts... / SHENG

5.  Just Anot3. her Day / Emzkie

6.  Moments of My Life/Racel

7.  A Place Of Being / Geng

Thanks Race. I loved doing this pre Mother’s Day meme. I truly understood and appreciated my mom more when I became a mother myself.  It is a serious and hearty WORK! So I believe that mother’s day should be celebrated everyday, not by material gifts or expensive dinners but by a sincere expression of our love for them. A simple “I love you Mom or Thank you Mom” everyday can go a long way.  So I’ve decided to coin a quote base from my favorite book for this meme.

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