Monday, March 24, 2008

Jesus Is My Salvation...Everyday

The nation took a break from school and work in observance of the Lenten Season. Some headed to the provinces, some flew to Boracay and other beaches, some stayed in their own houses and prayed. This is the season when the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our sins is remembered. In the tradition I grew up to, Holy Week is a solemn and religious time to repent for the sins committed from the past. It is also a time to remember what Jesus went through, to the point of dying on the cross for our salvation. Part of the tradition is to refrain from playing loud and fast music, refrain from eating meat or pork, refrain from going out on Good Friday and Black Saturday, etc. 

When I become a Christian, I was enlightened to see what salvation truly means. And it should not take an occasion once a year to remember it nor believe in those "religious" tradition. Jesus is God's greatest love for us. Jesus is His only begotten son, offered as a sacrificial lamb to redeem us from our sins and transgressions. Wow! I could not imagine how hard and painful it was for God to do this--and how the pain continues up to this time because Jesus continues to carry and bear our sins up to this time. Every time we sin,  the harder and heavier that burden on His shoulder becomes. Along with this, is the acceptance that we are indeed imperfect and flawed that's why we need a perfect God who can complete us and make us whole. That way, we can stand right back up whenever we fall or screw up, without condemnation and move along forward as His faithful sheep. I recognize that I stand today only because of His grace and loving mercy.

Everyday is a battle against sins, and I being imperfect and flawed, desperately need Jesus in my life everyday to win over each battle.  I also rejoice everyday because I know that Jesus is risen and have overcome the world. Therefore I willfully remember Jesus and rejoice everyday knowing that He has overcome the world. This is my salvation! And I am living it everyday!


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