Friday, March 14, 2008

Mom's Garden

One of my mom’s interests is gardening. Not really a green thumb at that, but she can sow a seed, plant or tuber into the ground and somehow make it grow. She has two small gardens at home, one in front and one at the back. She has put together a variety of garden plants and flowers, of different colors, shapes and sizes to create a diversified collection of flora and achieve a more attractive look for her garden. It also serves as natural ornaments and decorations of the house. As there are different kinds of plant, there are also different ways of tending each kind accordingly. Some needs watering every so often, some does not. Several kinds can be exposed to sunlight, there’s that kind that withers instantly under it. A few takes months to grow, a lot sprouts leaves in such a short time.  While considering all these, mom also watches out for the unwanted weeds that instantly grow everywhere and when left unattended, will eat up and envelop her plants. Plus some harmful bugs and insects that would try to ruin it. Yes it takes work to keep your garden healthy and thriving. Hats-off to you Mom!

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