Saturday, March 22, 2008

God And Nature

I posted an entry about Sonya's Garden in my other site as an introduction to my awesome and soothing experience at the garden just as my awesome and sweet experience with my creator. I used to ignore the beauty of nature, not a "nature lover" as they say. I didn't appreciate those flowers I received before from my suitors or even friends. I thought it was boring to go to those places overlooking a scenery or nature. But things change, people change. Now I can say that I love nature. I now appreciate those flowers, I find it worthwhile spending time and looking over a scenery or nature. Why? Because it is God’s creation and I see Him in it. It reminds me of His love, wisdom and power. It gives me peace and assurance that with Him, nothing is impossible. With the wonderful work of His hand I was created, and with it I am safed. Thank You Father! 

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