Monday, March 17, 2008

My Kid In A Costume Tag

I am doing another one for this tag.  

Gabby was 2 years old here. She came as Elina, a Fairy in an animated film "Barbie Fairytopia" to another Halloween Party. She didn't want to wear this costume at first because the materials it is made of are kinda itchy, aside from the fact that kids at this age are more irritable. The kids had the parachute play, designed their very own pumpkin bag which was later used for trick or treats around the compound of Westgate.


Here are the rules:

1. Look for a picture of your child/ren wearing any costumes. For example: a cartoon character, a character from a popular movie or program, animals, flowers, national/country costume, etc.

2. Tell us where you got the costume.

3. Share with us a brief story behind the picture.

4. Pass it on to Mommies like you.

This time I am tagging JoyD When Mom Talks  and SexyMom


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