Thursday, March 6, 2008

Lifeline Foundation Parental Assistance Programme 24-Hour Daycare Centre

With the advent of the call center industry today, there has been a relatively high demand for call center agents to work on graveyard shift at least six times a week. It has opened job opportunities for couples (trying to raise a family) to earn extra income. In a normal family scenario, both parents are probably working from 8am to 5pm five times a week. There are cases on the other hand, where (usually) the wife is left with no choice but to stay home to take care of their child/children. However, given the vital needs of a growing family, the wife had to make her contribution to making ends meet. That's why a lot has considered working at a call center. 

While parents should not feel guilty for having to be away most of the time to work and provide for their family, there is undeniably a vital need for a parent or parents to provide their child/dren their attention, time, actual guidance and care. Leaving the children with a yaya or a househelp whom they do not really know or trust is indeed a valid concern to be considered.

Lifeline Foundation Support Team, Inc a non profit non governmental organization in Manila, has just launched its LIFELINE PARENTAL ASSISTANCE PROGRAMME 24-HOUR DAYCARE CENTRE. It is the First ever 24-hour Daycare Centre in the Philippines which aims to help YOU, hardworking parents and single parents to have peace of mind while ensuring your child's safety and continuing education in the care of professionally trained nannies and professionals. It specifically designed to answer the need of those working graveyard shift (within a 12 hour work block). The facility is equipped with cameras for parental monitoring! 

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