Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Mind, A Battle Ground

It makes me glad and rejoice being reminded everyday of God's Almighty Power, loving-kindness and peace!  I thank Him for His Word, for the Bible which ONLY speaks of the TRUTH. That I am assured because God CANNOT LIE! His word is bigger than every other lie ever spoken in this world! Lies from the devil that are scheming to take away our purpose in life which is to give God Glory!  Yes, everything is in our mind for it is the battle ground. It is in our will and choice to gird it up and hold captive only those productive thoughts and reject those unproductive ones. Bind our mind into only thinking good thoughts. (1Pet1:13) Because those unproductive ones cause toxic, stress, worries and lies. If we choose to let it linger in our mind, it will consume us, until nothing's left of us. 
Whenever I get into trouble or have those lies in my head (which we will always have! believe me, the devil is like a roaring lion always looking out for someone to devour 1Pet 5:8), I will not get tired of reminding myself that I am battling against the wicked spirits of the devil therefore I do the ff:

(1) I recognize that those thoughts or feelings are present
(2) Then I acknowledge that anything that is negative and distracts are from the devil (grrrr!) 
(3) I judge that thought! If it doesn't belong to God then it needs to get out of my head!
(4) So I confess with my mouth that I refuse to believe it, I reject it. Because my mind needs to hear me speak, needs to hear me pray. It takes a verbal confession to actually put POWER into your thoughts. Remember, Words are Power! 
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