Sunday, March 16, 2008

No More Laziness

I usually have somebody fixed the yearly registration renewal of my car. Just the thought of going to the city transportation office, waiting in a long cue with drivers and other people under the humid weather without the cool airconditioning air makes me not wanting to do it. The laziness and pride ruling over me. So I'd rather pay a "fixer" to get it done for me. What a lazy living creature! Then I realized, three years ago, I was not created a lazy person! We are designed to work, and in the process will develop and improve ourselves to be better creations. So this year, like the past three years after that realization, I filed the renewal myself again. I patiently waited in cue, and didn't think of the discomforts I will experience under this humid weather. Several fixers came up to me offering their services but I refused all of them I won't put my hard earned money to waste. I am able to do things on my own as God designed me to be, a healthy body and a sound mind. No more laziness!   

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