Friday, March 14, 2008

We Are God's Garden

I was up early this morning, prayed, then swung up to my laptop to blog. I was re reading “Mom’s Garden” and I suddenly remembered a verse in the Bible (1Cor 3:9) where it says that "we are God’s garden and vineyard and field under cultivation." Wow. Like the different plants and flowers in mom’s garden, each one of us was created uniquely by God, each has its own identity yet, we are all equal in His eyes. Each one is rendered His ultimate love, mercy and grace. Knowing and understanding that each one, being imperfect, flawed, blemished and uncultivated, needed His appropriate guidance and care. As our Divine Gardener, He knows best what kind of plants and flowers are to be planted in His garden, as well as allows some organism, bugs and insects to thrive to serve its purpose in the ecosystem. This diversity (as compared to life) aims to produce learnings from different experiences (happy and sad) that add meaning or color in our lives. 

He tends His garden without fail, His Light keeps the plants green and alive without scorching. His Word keeps them covered and wet preventing them to wilt and to shrivel. He is watchful over the sins that are always trying to seep into our lives, like those unwanted weeds in mom’s garden. He plucks them out with His able hands. But His wisdom sometimes allow those weeds, thorns, harmful organism, bugs, insects, even drought or a torrent of water to exist in His garden just as He sometimes allow trials and tests to come into our lives. This I believe happens for a reason. And that is for us to realize how much we desperately need Him in our lives, to learn, to change for the better, to make us stronger and able stand any storm thus, helping us to survive, grow and bear fruit. 

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